Who is The RainMam? Nobody truly knows. But he's here to water your parched money trees.

Now that we've cleared that up, if you follow The RainMam (me) you can be guaranteed of three things:

  1. 100% transparency and accuracy in the recording and documenting of picks;

  2. Plays at minimum weekly, and at times daily, that will always be free; and

  3. Constant improvement as I refine, tweak, and improve my pick-selection process and models.

Best results will be obtained if you follow my profile on the Action app, as I post every pick I make there as I make it (I pounce on early line value, so timing is critical). I also post every possible pick to PickMonitor, though certain pick types are not available there; my verified PickMonitor record supplemented by my additional small fraction of non-PickMonitor-compatible picks are available on the Pick Record Summary page. I additionally post picks on Twitter, and attempt to limit these posts to top plays only; but if I see enormous value I won't artificially limit my Twitter posts. Any pick I make in the Action app and/or PickMonitor is officially a recommended pick, however (though it could be more of a lean than a strong play). Enough intro. Go grab your rain coat and umbrella. Might need a canoe, too. Just heard on the radio:

A cash flood warning has been issued, along with gale-force wins that could last indefinitely.